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Employee of the Month October - December 2023

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

October 2023 Winner - Kristian Powell


Kristian has stepped up as a Laminator team leader at short notice with very little training. He has picked up the processes involved with this role very quickly and is doing a brilliant job. He gets things done without any hesitation and is a absolute pleasure to work with. Kristian is a natural team leader and will always ensure his team has the tools to maintain food safety and health and safety in his area.


November 2023 Winner - Michael Davies

Mike does overtime frequently and often works a Sunday night to help night shift run efficiently. He is hardworking and willing to do anything to fix poor quality - weighing and reporting etc. Mike is in my opinion one of the most consistent and hard working members of staff over the last several years. This month Mike has been a huge part of pushing the quality drive in the business.


December 2023 Winner - Jozefina Bogocz

Jo always works extremely hard to ensure the factory stays clean. She always goes above and beyond in the 17 years she has been in the business and is an asset to the business.